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JUL.2011 - Barclay Consulting and MEDC launch one-stop talent portal for skilled job seekers, employers in Michigan.

The MEDC Job Portal,, allows employers to post openings and work closely with the MEDC’s Talent Acquisition team to devise strategies to meet their talent needs.

The portal also allows job seekers to search for positions around the state, create profiles, and add their resumes to the talent database.

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Shouldn't your website work as hard for the success of your business as you do? Barclay Consulting thinks so—and so do our clients, who look to us for information technology solutions that grow their business and add to their bottom line.

In today's ever-changing business environment, the ability to collect, analyze, and display information is more valuable than ever. We're experts in getting essential business information when and where it's needed, to the right people, in the right form, using the right technology tool—whether it be the internet and e-commerce applications, your intranet, a smart phone or other hand-held device.

Our team of IT and creative professionals, marketing experts, and business consultants puts the power of the information age in your hands. We keep up with the dizzying pace of technology development and have the experience to apply it in intelligent, efficient ways. We respect your knowledge of your business and base our recommendations on its unique needs—hence the consulting in our name.

With Barclay Consulting, you'll get much more than a static online marketing presence—you'll gain a constantly evolving tool that can turn the right information into higher profits.

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