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Objective: Reduce Expenses
Overview: Barclay Consulting used advanced techniques in intranet/extranet systems architecture to increase productivity and profitability for Source Direct Promotions.

Source Direct Promotions


Source Direct Promotions is a large-scale importer and distributor of promotional products.


To create a suite of intranet applications that linked the key areas of manufacturing, importing, marketing, CRM, and sales data through relational databases.


Barclay Consulting developed an intranet portal that brought together all the key elements of Source Direct's supply and sales chain. This easy-to-use, self-administered system boosted inter-organizational communication, productivity, and ultimately, profitability.


“David Groom at Barclay Consulting is an integral part of our business. He has translated my somewhat far-fetched marketing ideas into a reality. He has a good handle on relational databases, and renders the data so any public user can access and make good use of it. In fact, he has us at the cutting edge of web design, with users really inputting, editing, controlling, and managing the data themselves, thus making/saving us money, time, and effort, and giving the website's users a more productive tool to help them do likewise.”

David VanZanten
Source Direct Promotions Inc.


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