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Objective: Increase Revenue
Overview: Barclay Consulting's creation and development of the new has made Tour Connection the premier choice of the entertainment industry by implementing a dynamic website design that increased user visits and increased revenues.

Tour Connection Inc.


Tour Connection has been in business for 13 years and is the premier resource entertainment industry travel agents use to book hotel rooms, rental cars, and air charter for their tours.


To create an online portal that will supplement and enhance the existing service offerings of the Tour Connection.


Barclay Consulting developed a web portal that serves the needs of the Tour Connection travel agents, hoteliers, and administrative staff and streamlines the creation of the printed travel guide using XML data exchange.


“The team at Barclay Consulting has been instrumental in the development of our website, David Groom has magically created our user-friendly, hassle-free online booking guide which is used by entertainment travel agents and hospitality representatives around the world. Working with our team, David integrates our ideas, assists us in overcoming our challenges, and has intuitively transformed our online tool to become the market-leading resource.”

Vanessa Tanghe
Tour Connection, Inc.
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